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The Taxonomy of Thrill + Thrilling Designs
ISBN ISBN 0-9549280-2-4

Available from [amazon.co.uk] priced £15.99 for the twin volume set.

See sample pages from the book's designers, [Hyperkit]
The Taxonomy of Thrill - chromo11 volume one
52 pages in satin softback with loop staples
what's it about?

The Taxonomy of Thrill investigates the experience of thrill – how it works, why it works, and what such insights might mean for designers. This research represents the first stage of a project called chromo11: engineering the thrill, which aims to design new types of thrilling experiences.

If designers understood more about the dynamics of euphoric experiences could they become directors of this emotional action? This question underpins chromo11 and influenced the writing of The Taxonomy of Thrill, which offers a design tool for directing the role of one powerful, yet volatile, emotion – thrill.

Contains a detailed description of The Walker Thrill Factor - for measuring and rating any thrilling experience.

what are they saying about it?
“What thrills us depends on our personal hopes, fears, loves and desires. But now a British designer can measure the experience of thrill. The hope is to create an industry-standard measure that can be used to gauge thrilling experiences, and, ultimately, dynamically modify such experiences in real time. The prospect is tantalizing.”
Dr Rowan Hooper, Wired
“Walker has managed to articulate the dimensions of the thrill experience through his taxonomy and this is a valuable first step. Whether he will be able to translate these insights into an industry-standard engine for thrill remains an open question. His is an ambitious project; each individual’s thrilling experience is necessarily unique. But suppose he succeeds? Imagine it, a thrill machine in every home; it would change our world.”
Charlie Errington, Artist and writer
Thrilling Designs - chromo11 volume two
36 pages in glossy softback with loop staples
what's it about?

Thrilling Designs showcases design work from the research project chromo11: engineering the thrill. Thrilling Designs draws inspiration from the traditions of the fairground, methods of the French Situationists, and research findings presented in The Taxonomy of Thrill.

Thrilling Designs presents two design explorations, Airlife and Neophile. Airlife is a collection of thrill rides based on the fusion of the European Airbus A340 and the English home. Neophile is a dining menu of thrilling gourmet experiences based on industrial conveyance systems, fine cuisine and theatre

what are they saying about it?
“If you’re a designer in the theme park business, Thrilling Designs could serve as a touchstone of zany ideas to fuel your creativity, and hopefully, your sense of competition. (Go ahead, design something wilder than this! I DARE YOU!) If, on the other hand, you own a theme park, I suggest you bone-up on your Queuing Theory, because when these rides are built, the lines will be miles long.”
Dan Howland, Editor of Journal of Ride Theory
“The ensuing pages take the reader on a whirlwind tour of Walker’s [dark] imagination, fusing semi-erotic culinary experiences with the almost-taboo subject of airplane disasters – using the idea of crashing as a thrill trigger. Twisted? Maybe, but offering a tantalising preview of experiences so thrilling they verge on the horrifying. After all, what has the fairground been historically, if not a place for the controlled coming together of the forbidden and the horrific. Brendan Walker is taking over your emotions; hold on to your seats Ladies and Gentlemen – get ready for the ride of your lives…”
Aine Duffy, Routledge






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